"There's a story in every curl, every kink, every coil." Michaela Angela Davis

Empowering women to love themselves one person, one curl, one hat at a time. Curl love is self love. This is what we call "The Curl Factor".

There is something so empowering about women wearing their hair naturally. There is something so liberating about embracing who you are and what you look like despite societal standards. It's not just about the texture of your hair but the journey of self discovery and self love that each coil represents.  

Caheez™ is a high end, handmade boutique that focuses on creating satin lined accessories to protect tresses from the drying effects of wool fibers and the harsh natural and styling elements. Each item is crafted with detail and quality in the forefront of the process to ensure our clients receive the best product we could possibly offer. All of our items are made to order. Caheez.LLC was the first brand to launch a collection of Satin Lined Accessories. We did it FIRST and we do it THE BEST. That is why you'll find no cookie cutter duplicates in our store unless you specifically request it. We remain true to our hand crafted, highest quality standards and this is what sets us apart from the other guys.

We have been honored to have worked with brands such as Dark & Lovely and Anara Originals, and been featured in publications such as Essence online, Confessions of a Blog Vixen, Black Girl, Long Hair and more. Our influence is growing everyday and we are excited that you are here for the journey!

The Summer Collection

Our collection of Satin Lined Head Wraps is long overdue. After attempting to create a summer version of our knit beanies in 2015, we realized, the cost/labor ratio just didn't add up. As our motto says around these parts, "we never fail; we either win or we learn." It is with great honor and pride that we introduce these satin lined headbands and pre-sewn wraps to the world. And these sewn wraps are just the beginning. Offered in 3 styles currently, we are working on expanding this collection and extending it beyond just summer fabrics. There is a bright future in the sewn hat field and we are so here for it!

These hats come in one size with an elastic in the back for a comfortable fit. Our turbans stretch from 21"-25" making them ideal for most head sizes. Should you require special sizing, please us contact prior to placing your order so we can customize your hat. You can either email us at caheezdesigns@gmail.com or use our website contact page.

The Caheez Winter Collection is completely customizable and made to order according to your specifications. There are several hat styles currently available in this line. The Caheez Signature Collection allows you to choose your size (see reference below), your color and the style. The Signature Collection is the premium hat offered by the Caheez brand, constructed using the finest quality materials available on the market. These hats are hand knit using extra thick wool, lending themselves well to a smooth outward appearance over even the most voluminous hair textures.

The coordinating custom designed satin lining guarantees hair will not get snagged, frizzed, broken off or dried out while one is wearing this hat. An elastic is hand stitched inside the opening to give the hat extra stretchability, yet help it maintain a comfortable, custom fit for every head size. Finally, The Signature Collection carries the Caheez name tag on the brim to authenticate it as a Caheez design and identify it as a member of the premium collection from the Caheez Brand. Each hat in The Signature Collection is completely hand made with lots of love and attention to details.

Sizing Option Reference:
Sizing is based on the amount of slouch in the body of the hat. This allownce is to accommodate the length, volume and thickness of hair to be tucked up inside the hat.

We have two slouch styles
- Elongated Slouch (more room in the top/back of the hat) - this slouch style grows in a longer style and works great for cropped or high styles.
- Pancake/Circular Slouch (more room in the entire body of the hat) - this slouch style grows in a circular manner like a beret and works great for longer hair or hair hat has more volume on the sides and in the back.

- 8" slouch - fits like a skully - good for TWAs and very short hairstyles
- 10" slouch (standard size) - thicker textured hair, approximately to the chin or shoulders when stretched straight
- 12" slouch - thicker curly or kinky air approximately to the collar bone or midway down the shoulder blade when stretched straight
- 14" slouch - thick curly or kinky hair approximately to the bottom or the should blade or longer when stretched straight.

These are estimates based on hair being loose inside the hat. Braiding, twisting or straightening the hair will reult in a looser fit in the body of the hat. Higher textured hair may require a larger size so the fit is comfortable and does not balloon out like a mushroom. If you would like a personal sizing consultation, please email us at info@caheez.com - include a photo of your hair and the style hat you are interested in and someone will email you back as soon as possible. ​

For more info on our sizing, please see our Sizing Video on our YouTube channel. require(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"mc.us4.list-manage.com","uuid":"96099941582594dedb738bbde","lid":"cc5cb4bf33"}) })